Essence of Education-Based Entrepreneurship

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Superiority of a nation linked to the ability of its competitiveness with other nations. Necessary to be able to compete with the advantages of both competitive advantage (the ability of HR) and comparative (related to natural resources that are available). Competitiveness refers to the ability to compete a person, group, community or nation against individuals, groups, societies, or other people related to the value of competing against its competitors.

Entrepreneurship-based education is learning the values ​​of entrepreneurship through the planting and maintenance of habituation behavior and attitudes. The curriculum is made must refer to the needs of the nation's competitiveness, as well as vision and mission of the school in producing graduates. Changes in vision and mission is needed in order to produce graduates who are able to increase the competitiveness of the nation, the graduates are not just looking for work but also graduates who are able to create job opportunities.

Indeed, not all fields of science today can be applied in the real world let alone the corporate world, the challenge is to design a curriculum-based entrepreneurship. Curriculum-based entrepreneurship curriculum is expected to be the key that will be the measure of success of the school creates a highly competitive graduate job market.

Entrepreneurship education is one government program, especially the Ministry of National Education which aims to build and develop the creative human spirit, inovati, sportsmanship and self-employment. Entrepreneurship education is at the associate and integrate with other programs, such as character education, economic education and creative entrepreneurship education into school curricula. To build a spirit of entrepreneurship and increase entrepreneurs,

Learning system is currently not fully effective learners build a noble character and national character including the character of entrepreneurship. This is partly indicated by the relatively high unemployment, the number of entrepreneurs who are still relatively few, and moral degradation. Policies to tackle these problems, especially problems associated with entrepreneurship, among others, can be done by way of instilling entrepreneurship education into all subjects, teaching material, extracurricular, and personal development activities, developing educational curricula that provide entrepreneurial education payload that can enhance the understanding of entrepreneurship , cultivate character and entrepreneurship skills, and foster entrepreneurship culture in the school environment.

There are many entrepreneurial values ​​that are considered most essential and appropriate to developmental level of students as much as 17 (seventeen) value should be owned by students and citizens of other schools. Implementation of the core values ​​of entrepreneurship are not directly implemented by the education unit at the same time, but done in stages. The first phase of implementation of entrepreneurial values ​​taken 6 (six) core values, namely:
  1. Independent, is the attitude and behavior that is not easy to depend on others in completing tasks
  2. Creative, is thinking and doing things to make way for the results differ from the products / services that already exist 
  3. Dare to take risks, is the ability for someone to love the job yangmenantang, courageous and able to take the risk of work 
  4. Action-oriented is to take the initiative to act, and not wait, before an undesirable event occurs. 
  5. Leadership is an attitude and behavior of someone who is always open to suggestions and criticism, it is easy to get along, cooperate, and directing others
  6. Hard work, are behaviors that demonstrate serious efforts in completing tasks and overcome obstacles.
It is not meant to limit the planting of values ​​(internalization) of entrepreneurship to all school uniform, but every level of education units can internalize the values ​​of other entrepreneurial independently in accordance with school needs.

Quality education must be improved continuously. The quality of education related to quality processes and products. The quality of the process can be achieved when the learning takes place effectively and learners can experience and undergo the learning process significantly. Product quality is achieved when the students demonstrated a high level of mastery of tugastugas learn according to their needs and demands of life that needs to be applied kerja.untuk world of entrepreneurship education at all levels / levels of education. The education program targeted entrepreneurship education is a unit of education from early childhood education to upper secondary education and non formal education. Through this program are expected to graduate students in all types and levels of education, and citizens of other school has a soul and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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