Transformational Leadership

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Yulk (1994: 11) says that the leadership is the process by which individuals influence other group members to achieve organizational goals. Meanwhile, according to Robbins (2001), leadership is a relationship between a person with another person. Leaders are able to influence others to willingly cooperate in the tasks related to achieving what is desired.
A research body in his research found several variations of models for understanding leadership. Some small details are very useful in theoretical research and find a Multifactor Model of Leadership, Bass, Yamarino, & Hater (in Corrigan, 2002). In this model of transformational leadership proposed as an effective leader to help members of the group that is subordinate to change the shape of the program and develop the needs of their members. The purpose of transformational leadership is achieved through charisma, inspiration, intellectual stimulant, and individual consideration to the interests of subordinates.
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