Distance Education System

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As a direct or conventional education system, distance education system also requires a supporting infrastructure of education, so that the general purpose of education can be realized accordance with education levels. Means of supporting usually a lesson modules are sent to students. Facilities can also implement information technology. The emergence of information and communication technologies in distance education is very helpful at all. As can be seen, with the advent of online education or web-school or cyber-school, using the internet facility. Systems approach to teaching is to do with teaching directly or by using the system as the concentration of knowledge. This allows the formation of an opportunity for anyone to participate in various educational levels from kindergarten through college (PT).

Unlike direct the education system, the system requires the management of distance education and educational management of "special", both from the students and the instructor (teacher) for educational purposes can be realized. Education must focus on the instructional needs of students.

From the instructor (teacher), several factors are important to the success of distance education systems is a concern, confident teachers, experience, easy to use equipment, creativity, active learning, and ability to establish interaction and communication with students remotely. Also consider the technical obstacles that may occur, so that distance education can take place effectively.

From the student side, one important factor is the seriousness of the following teaching and learning process at the time the instructor (teacher) does not deal directly with students. At this level, the involvement and the presence of 'the people' around, including a family member plays an important and strategic. Its presence can support the ongoing learning process effectively, but the opposite could also be a barrier. Another factor that is active learning and effective communication. Active participation of students of distance education affects how they relate to the material to be studied.

The success of distance education system supported by the interaction and effective communication and a maximum of teachers and students, interaction between students with different educational facilities such as modules mudul interaction between students with 'the people' around, and the patterns of education active in each of these interactions. Also liveliness and independence of students in the deepening of the material, do the exam, and creativity to find supporting material from other sources such as internet or digital-library.

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