Understanding Curriculum

Posted by The New Economics Education

The term "curriculum" has various interpretations formulated by experts in the field of curriculum development since the beginning until today. Interpretations are different from one another, according to the weight of the core and the view point of the experts concerned. The term curriculum comes from the latin discussed, namely "Curriculae", meaning the distance to be traveled by a runner. At that time, the notion of curriculum is a period of education that must be taken by students aiming to earn a diploma. By taking a curriculum, students can earn diplomas. In this case, a diploma in essence is a proof that the student has taken the form of curriculum lesson plans, as well as a runner has traveled a distance between one city to another and eventually reach the finish. In other words, a curriculum is considered as a very important bridge to reach the end point of a journey and is characterized by the acquisition of a specific diploma.
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