Learning Achievement

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According Muhibbin Shah (2008: 91) learning achievement is the "level of student success in learning the subject matter in schools that are expressed in the form of scores obtained from the results of tests on a particular subject matter". Meanwhile, according to Tu'u Sincere (2004: 75) "learning achievement is the acquisition of knowledge or skills that are developed by subject matter, usually indicated by test scores or numerical value is assigned by teachers". Based on the understanding that it can be concluded that learning achievement is the success rate of students in schools that are expressed in the form of a numerical value.

Learning achievements may be affected by several things, that in general the factors that could affect the achievement of this study are grouped into two: internal factors and external factors. Slameto (2003) describe the internal and external factors are as follows:

1. Internal factors are factors present in individuals who are learning such as:
a. Physical factors, including
b. Psychological factors, including
c. Fatigue factor

2. External factors
a. family circumstances
b. state schools
c. the state of society

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