Definition of Quality

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Quality is very important for an organization, be it non-educational organizations and educational organizations. Quality itself has various meanings, as proposed by some experts the following: According to the M. Juran N. Nasution (2001), matches the quality of a product is the use of the product (fitness for use) to meet the needs and customer satisfaction.

Crosby in M. N. Nasution (2001) stated that quality is conformance to requirements, which is in accordance with the requirements or standardized. A product has a quality in accordance with our quality standards have been determined. Quality standards including raw materials, production processes and finished products.

Another opinion by Stanley Sutrisno (2010:8) quality is a "fit between the products or services produced by the organization's requirements or criteria set by the customer". While the National Standardization Agency (BSN) (2008) defines quality as the degree achieved by the inherent characteristics fulfill requirements.

Based on the above understanding, it can be concluded that the quality of the fit between the products produced with the desired requirements of the customer so that customer satisfaction can be realized.

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