ABCD Learning Stated Objectives of the Good

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ABCD of the goals stated by either giving us an easy process followed to determine the learning objectives.
Learning objectives to focus on what the pemelajar will know and can do so after the subject was over, and not what teachers do to teach them, then it is important to clearly identify the target pemelajar.

The essence of the destination is a verb that describes the new capabilities of the learners will have after teaching. This verb is most likely to communicate our goals clearly when expressed as observable behaviors. We must try to get the behavior or the performance of students who reflect a deep understanding of the real world and ability.

A statement of learning objectives should include the conditions under which performance will be assessed. In other words, the material or any device that is allowed or not allowed to wear menampilakan students in the mastery of these objectives.

Ultimate requirements of a well-stated objective is that it indicates the purpose of the standard or criteria for judging acceptable performance. The accuracy or fluency as to what should be shown by the learners.

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