What Actually Needs Consumers?

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We must be careful with what is meant by the word "looking for what the consumer needs," which appear in most definitions of marketing. Consumers do not quite understand exactly what they need. What they really need is a better way to solve their problems, so, one of the major tasks of marketing is to understand customers and their problems in depth so that we can continue to do something that can make their lives easier.

Here are some areas that overlap with respect to marketing:
  1. Sales. A chief executive officer excitedly announcing to everyone at the beginning of a seminar, "We only have a narrow time to do marketing in the company until sales have increased!" Confusion between marketing and sales still remains one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. 
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Pareto Effect

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Pareto effect is a phenomenon commonly observed by most of the companies in which a small customer gives a large portion of total sales. This is often referred to as the rule of 80/20, or the Pareto effect, of which about 20 percent of customers contribute to about 80 percent of sales.

A graph of the proportion of customers who provide a specific number of sales can resemble the proportion of the relationship as depicted on the display 3-1. In the graph, customers are categorized into groups A, B, or C according to the proportion of sales that they provide.
A customer may represent 25 percent of total subscribers, contributing about 70 percent of total sales; B customers who represent 55 percent of total subscribers, contributing about 20 percent of total sales, and customer C, which represents about 20 percent of the total customer to contribute the rest is about 10 percent.
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Market Share

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Very close to the question about the difference between customers and consumers is the question of how big our market share. The majority of business people have to understand that there is any direct relationship between the relatively high market share and high return on the investigation. It is important to be careful about how a market is defined. For example, SMH, a Swiss company, which sells a variety of brand watches, including Omega and Swatch brands famous. Although Omega and Swatch are equally hours, they were not in the same market. Omega is located in the luxury watch market, and Swatch are located in the fashionable accessory market. Appropriate market definition is crucial for the calculation of market share and market growth, the target customers' specifications, re-confirmation of the actual competitors, and most importantly, the formulation of marketing strategy that presents a distinct advantage.

The general rule is that the market definition is an aggregation of all market products that can satisfy the same needs. For example, internal catering services company is considered as one option when it comes time for lunch at the office. It also needs can be satisfied in a public restaurant, fast food restaurants and snack outlets. Emphasis on the definition, thus, clearly the word need.
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Maintenance Company

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In the lower middle category of companies, maintenance is overlooked, because the activities are quite complex and not only done once only. Results of maintenance can not be perceived directly when put through the maintenance, but hasilnva can be felt in the future. If maintenance is not done, then the machines on a regular basis that the facility will be damaged, and eventually will be fatal to the detriment of the company. Felt the most impact is the reduction in economic life and the depreciation rate is high.

Lack of attention to maintenance of which is caused by the amount of funds required, and complexity of maintenance tasks. But for the company's operations, maintenance has become a dual function, namely the implementation and awareness for the maintenance of production facilities.

Maintenance is an activity to preserve or maintain plant facilities or equipment and make repairs or adjustments or replacements are needed so that there is a satisfactory operating condition in accordance with the plan.
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Factors Affecting Plant Siting

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Plant site selection requires careful consideration. In the current management has decided to operate at a particular location, a lot of costs into fixed and difficult to be reduced. Location decisions often depend on the type of business. For the location decisions of industry, the strategy is a strategy commonly used to meminmalkan cost, is for business and professional services kidding, strategies that focus on maximizing revenue. However, warehouse selection strategy is determined by a combination of cost and speed of delivery. In general, the purpose of location strategy is to maximize profits for the company's location.

The options that exist within the site include:
  1. Do not move, but expanding existing facilities 
  2. Maintain the current location, while adding other facilities elsewhere 
  3. Close the existing facility and moved to another location.
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Learning is the development of new knowledge, skills or individual behavior are also related to information and the environment. The learning environment includes the physical facilities, psychological air, technology, media and methods used. Basically the study can be done anywhere and anytime, but it usually involves a learning process between teachers and students.

This section will discuss about learning through psychological and philosophical perspective. 

a. Psychological Perspective in The Study 
In this perspective be seen from how an instructor plays the role of technology and media in the classroom will depend on how many of their beliefs about how people learn. There are four perspectives in this stage:
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Benefits of Learning Psychology Education For Teachers and Prospective Teachers

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Benefits of studying educational psychology for teachers and prospective teachers can be divided into two aspects, namely:

A. For Studying the situation in the Learning Process 

Educational psychology contributes a lot to teachers and prospective teachers to improve the efficiency of the learning process at different conditions as below:

1. Understanding Individual Differences

 A teacher must deal with a group of students in the classroom with caution, because the characteristics of each student is different. It is therefore very important to understand the different characteristics of students at various levels of growth and development to create effective learning and efficient. Educational psychology can help teachers and prospective teachers in understanding differences in student characteristics.
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