Vision and Mission Business (Part 1)

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Want to be Like Are We?
It's important for managers and executives in any organization to agree on the basic vision of the company to be achieved in the long run. A vision statement should answer the basic question, "Want to be like us?" A clear vision statement became the basis for the development of a comprehensive vision statement. Many organizations have both the vision and mission statement, but the vision statement should be created first. A vision statement should be brief, one sentence and is expected as many managers are required input in the development process.
Example vision statement:
Vision of General Motors is the world leader in transportation products and services associated with it.

We Do Business?
Thoughts on today's mission statement is mainly based on the guidelines, which were in the mid 1970's by Peter Drucker, often called the "father of modern management" for pioneering studies in the General Motors Corporation and 22 books and hundreds of articles he wrote. Drucker is seen as "the most prominent management thinkers of our time".

Drucker said that asking "What is our business?" The same as asking "What is our mission?" A statement of purpose that distinguishes one organization from other organizations of similar mission statement is a declaration about the "reason for existence" of an organization. The mission statement answers the most important question, "What is our business". The mission statement is obviously very important to set goals and formulate strategies.

Sometimes also termed the statement of faith, a statement of intent, statement of philosophy, belief statement, statement of business principles, or statements that "define our business", the mission statement describes what an organization wants to be and who are some who try to serve. All organizations have their reasons why they exist, even if the authors are not aware of strategies to transform these grounds into written form.

Examples of questions the mission:
Dell's mission is to become the most suskses computer company in the world in offering the best customer experience in markets we serve. To that end, Dell will meet customer expectations will be high quality; cutting-edge technologies; competitive pricing, individual and corporate accountability; service and support best in class; flexible customization capabilities; an excellent corporate citizen; financial stability.

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