Starting A Business

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Business starts with good ideas and the right product. Next we need to create a business plan, with steps that will be used to assist in getting the product idea to the realization of a business.
The plan will include the following sections:
1. Executive Summary
Summary that presents the outlines of our business. Contain the most important part of our efforts. Summary should be complete and presented in a neat, as this will give a first impression about our business.
2. Business Ideas
It contained a brief description, but details about what we do (about the products and services to be sold).
3. Market Assessment
It contained a description of how we market. Marketing is to know the customer requirements, price, place of business, how their distribution and how to promote their goods and services.
4. Business Organization
Describe how we will organize our efforts, the necessary staff, and business responsibilities.
5. Finance
This section describes how we calculate the sales, production costs, and in addition to the initial capital required.

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