Ambiguity About Marketing

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Pretty sad that even though education about marketing has been more than seventy-five years, still much ignorance of what is meant by marketing it in fact. Process and marketing philosophy will never be effective in an organization which throughout its history oriented in one of the technical, production, or finance. These companies may have taken the marketing vocabulary and applying modest marketing thinking, but they are still not based on the consumer.

 It is naive to assume that marketing is simply advertising alone. Advertising is only one aspect of communication. Some companies waste advertising budget because they can not correctly identify the target consumer.

 Some companies spend a lot more advertisements when the situation is good, and decrease it when the situation is bad. Cutting the advertising budget is often seen as an easy way to increase profits when a company has yet to reach the budgeted level of profit. This trend is driven by the fact that advertising budgets can be cut without a direct negative impact on sales. Unfortunately, this is one of the classic misunderstanding about the role of marketing and advertising. Management that cut advertising budgets in response to poor sales act as if it was caused by the sale of advertising. It is naive to assume that advertising effectiveness can be measured by sales, but advertising is only a part of the overall marketing process.

 In addition there are many people who equate marketing with sales between, but those two words are different. Sales of products (goods and services) is one of the marketing function (J. Evans and B. Berman), so that it can be said the sale is part of marketing. Selling focuses on the needs of the seller, so busy with the sale of the seller's need to change the products / services into cash or cash. While marketing focuses on the needs of buyers, so preoccupied with the thought of marketing and satisfying customer needs through product and all items related to the creation, delivery, and finally consumption,.

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