Terms in the Education World Still Many Misinterpreted

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Learning Media
Many people who interpret the Media Learning as a means or a tool in learning. Although this is less precise meaning is not entirely wrong. So what does that exactly? Let's discuss ...
We start from the home she says, "Media" is derived from the Latin "Medium" which means the middle / intermediate. Media so that learning is an intermediary of the conduit of information to recipients of information, described in a pattern that would look like this:
its message --> MEDIA --> recipient.

The sense most people are not entirely wrong about the media as "tools" in the sense referred to above can indeed be one of the media. Examples like this:
One of the tools of learning, the LCD can be a medium of learning, but may also not included in the medium of learning. LCD is only turned on and no message or the information displayed via the LCD can not be called the media, because there is no message being delivered to the recipient. Other conditions, if the LCD is turned on and connected to the laptop so it appears the message or information that can ditangkan by the receiver of the message the LCD can be called as a medium of learning.

So a little explanation of instructional media, this article will continue then do not miss the next article ...

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