Consumer Needs

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Although it will be discussed more deeply in Chapter 3, we will briefly review the subject of consumer needs. Perhaps one of the most misinterpreted in marketing is the question of consumer needs. Companies accused of manipulating consumers who do not understand anything they need to make something that really is not that they need. If that were the case, the number of new product launches that failed would not be as much as what has happened so far. The reality is that someone always has a need, such as home entertainment equipment for example. What has changed in all the time is on how a person satisfying their needs. For example, television can continue to sell because people need information and entertainment, and television is one way to meet those needs.

All the customer needs (customer wants) to have several different ways to be satisfied, and if they have a choice (choice) they will choose a product which is considered to provide the most benefit to them at any price in accordance with which they prepared. Thus, the point-because all the companies to pay for their product or service to market-is that the profits through customer satisfaction is the best gauge of what should be obtained from what is done by the company. Low cost, efficiency, quality, other measuring instruments is not a criterion of effectiveness. Not much use to produce effectively and efficiently was nothing if not there are people who need them. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between long-term kemampulabaan with a company's ability to understand customers' needs and provide value to them. In the nonprofit sector, customer satisfaction is the embodiment kemampulabaan.

Organizations that continue to offer something in the long term decline in the requirement, unless they are ready to change and adjust to what the market wants, will be thrown out of business competition. We know that to continue to produce what consumers need not be economically is a waste and failure, especially if people can buy what they want from overseas manufacturers if they were not able to buy in their own country. Companies that lag behind its competitors in delivering value to the consumer will lose its market share and it will be knocked out of competition.

It is important in the question of consumer needs is a competition about what we mean by a market. To begin with, the consumer, not the market, who buy the product. A market (market) is just an aggregation of consumers who have the same needs and desires. In fact, most of the market consists of several submarkets, each of which is different. For example, the aviation market consists of passenger and goods transport. Passenger transport market can be divided into MTK (Visiting Friends and Family), a high ranking (business trip), and rents. Failure to understand the needs of the consumer groups are very different this will impact the failure to provide the desired services at an acceptable price level. The ability to identify the needs of the consumer group that we can satisfy the profit is still important in marketing management.

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