Measurement of Consumer Satisfaction

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According to Philip Kotler (1994) in Tjiptono Fandy et al (2008) suggested several ways that can be done to measure satisfaction is:
1) The Complaints and Suggestions
Customer-centered organization (Customer-Centered) provide ample opportunity for its customers to submit suggestions and complaints, for example by providing a suggestion box, providing comment cards and so forth. This information can give you ideas and input to the company and allow it to react and respond quickly to resolve the issue.

2) Customer Satisfaction Survey
This method can be done by mail, telephone or personal interviews. Through survey responses and the company will obtain feedback directly from customers and also give an indication (signal) is positive that the company pay attention to its customers. Measurement of the customer through this method can be done in various ways, including:
a) Directly Reportered Satisfaction
Measurements were made directly through questions such as: "The phrase how satisfied you with the service PT A on the following scale: very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, neutral, satisfied, very satisfied".

b) Derived dissatisfaction
Questions raised regarding the two main things, namely the amount of customer expectations for specific attributes and the magnitude of their perceived performance.

c) Problem Analysis
Customers who used the respondents were asked to reveal two main points. First, the problems they face relating to the offering of the company. Second, suggestions for improvement.

d) Importance-Performance Analysis
Respondents were asked to rank various attributes of the offer based on the degree of importance of each attribute and rank how well the performance of companies in each attribute.

3) Ghost shooping
This method is done by employing a few people (ghost shopper) to pose as customers or potential buyers of products of competitors, and then submit its findings about the strengths and weaknesses of competitor products. Besides ghost shopper can also observe how the handling of complaints.

4) Lost Customer Analysis
Company contacted its customers who have stopped buying and switch suppliers. This is done to obtain information about the cause of it. This information is useful for companies to take further policy in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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