Definition of Store Environment

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"Store image is the image or impression of a store in the minds of customers. Good overall impression of this nature in terms of products available in the store, the store itself and the experience they expect when shopping at the store "(Dunne and Lunsch, 2005: 449). So it can be said that the store image is actually a reflection of the overall customer to store environment.

"Store environment is an important element in retailing given that 70% of the purchase was an impulse buying or unplanned purchases" (Dunne and Lusch, 2005: 457). Through the elements that exist in the store environment, retailers can create stimuli-stimuli that would trigger or drive customers to buy more stuff outside of their plan. Store well-designed environment and in accordance with the specified target market will be able to create emotions or mood that is conducive to shopping. Theories about the store environment and the elements in it that will be used in this study specifically refers to the theory by Dunne and Lusch (2005)

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Harper Mcbride said...

Right, store environment have an impact to purchasing decisions of customers. Visually compelling designs and signage can create a mindset to customers to shop again in a store that looks lively and pleasant.

Anyway, here are Eye-Catching Retail Signage Tips that will be helpful for retail store owners.

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