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Understanding Sales Service
Philip Kotler (2002: 508) says "After sales service is a service provided by the company to a customer after the sale". Meanwhile, according to Hindle and Thomas in Tjiptono Fandy (2008: 32) "After sales service is a service provided by the manufacturer to the consumer after the consumer buys the product from the company".

Based on the above definition it can be concluded that after-sales service is an activity that is executed after the delivery of products to consumers for the purchase, which is valid for any customer service or relationship ties in various service activities.

Component Sales Service
After-sales service has several elements, as told by Philip Kotler (2002) that elements in the after-sales service are as follows:
1) Warranty
Warranty is one very important factor in carrying out after-sales service, as said by Thomas A. Gannon (1987: 88) in Philip Kotler (2002: 508) that:

A warranty assures the buyer That product is of a kind specified (Meet Specification) and is free of encumbrances (Workmanship Defect or Material) A guarantee That assures a product performance will amply with the warranty. Simply Stated if the product does not melt the term of the warranty listed, it will be repaired or replaced at the option of seller.

Warranty is shown to convince consumers that the product is in good condition or free from damage, a result of inaccuracy pengarjaan or use materials that are less well applicable for a period of time.

2) Provision Accessories
In the implementation of after-sales services, supply of spare parts is very important, because in the absence of spare parts that are defective product components can not function properly, even these products can not be used again. Thomas A. Gannon (1987: 88) in Philip Kotler (2002: 509) said:

A service is that? Component parts or subassembly That may be needed at some time to keep the appliance or device Operable for the user. The component or assembly will be required to satisfy the original warranty repair the appliance or device beyond the basic warranty period, and be available at all the times to InSure and protect the good will of purchases to the and that be will maintains his brand loyalty.

So the supply of accessories is one factor that plays an important role in satisfying consumer junior fashion business, which in turn will maintain customer loyalty that has been owned.

3) Maintenance and Repair Services
Service and maintenance and repairs are needed if a product has a consumption of time and require regular maintenance in order to always function properly, and also to repair any damage that occurs in the product during use.

4) Facilities and Equipment
Facilities and equipment of a product is a means to perform after-sales service. Sophisticated equipment and supplies will be able to determine the smoothness of the service personnel in performing maintenance and repair products bought by consumers.

After Sales Service Strategy
Most companies mengoprasikan customer service department with highly variable quality. Provide after sales services, including maintenance and repair service accessories supply and after-sales warranty. According to Philip Kotler (2002) there are four alternatives that are owned company in providing service after the sale, namely:
1) Manufacturers may make agreements with distributors and dealers to provide these services.
2) Manufacturers can provide these services to companies specialized in the field.
3) Manufacturers may release customer to perform these services themselves.

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