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The game is an activity where players follow different rules to the reality of trying to live up to their goals.

1. Attractive / interesting
The game provides an interesting framework for learning activities. Interesting game because the game fun. Children and adults are equally likely to react positively to an invitation to play.

2. The existence of new things
As with any departure from the usual classes, the game raises concern because of the fun new things.

3. Atmosphere
Fun, relaxed atmosphere with game development can be beneficial for those who avoid the types of other structured learning activities.

4. Time for the task
Games can keep students interested in repetitive tasks, such as memorizing multiplication tables, etc.

1. Competition
Activity can be counterproductive competition for students who are less interested in competing.

2. Confusion
Without good management and questioning, students can not get all the excitement of the game and failed to focus on the real goal.

3. Bad Design
Learning to be meaningful, game activity must provide the actual training of academic skills. Fatal weakness of the design is not a good game is the player spends a lot of time to wait for their turn to play, roll the dice, and take action similar trivial.

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kathytharper said...

Yes , i agree with your opinion.Most of the Children and adults are equally likely to play games and they are very happy to receive new kind of plays.Thank you so much for providing this post.Custom essay providing best educational resources for college students.

Tom Reid said...

I like to play with my daughter learning games, best of it is scrubble and rumi. This is very helpful game for a children because you interact with child and learning numbers and words!

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