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In the lower middle category of companies, maintenance is overlooked, because the activities are quite complex and not only done once only. Results of maintenance can not be perceived directly when put through the maintenance, but hasilnva can be felt in the future. If maintenance is not done, then the machines on a regular basis that the facility will be damaged, and eventually will be fatal to the detriment of the company. Felt the most impact is the reduction in economic life and the depreciation rate is high.

Lack of attention to maintenance of which is caused by the amount of funds required, and complexity of maintenance tasks. But for the company's operations, maintenance has become a dual function, namely the implementation and awareness for the maintenance of production facilities.

Maintenance is an activity to preserve or maintain plant facilities or equipment and make repairs or adjustments or replacements are needed so that there is a satisfactory operating condition in accordance with the plan.
The objective of maintenance is:  

  1. Enable the achievement of the product through the proper operation of the facility  
  2. Maximize the economic life of equipment / production facilities
  3. Maximize production capacity and equipment  
  4. Minimize the frequency of damage and failure of the operation process 
  5. Maintain security equipment.

Gains derived by performing maintenance adalag as follows: 
  1. In order for the operation of machinery and equipment can be used in a relatively longer time  
  2. In order for the implementation process in the company's operations run by lancer 
  3. Maintaining quality at a level appropriate to the planned  
  4. Reduce the cost of maintenance of the machinery and equipment operating  
  5. Maintain the safety of the workers.

The types of maintenance are of two kinds, namely: 

1. Prefentive Maintenance 
Maintenance Prefentive also called preventive measures or overhaul, maintenance and care that is kegitaan to prevent damage to the unexpected and find the conditions or circumstances that lead to more precise operation of the facility. Preventive maintenance when properly planned to prevent the occurrence of failure or damage, because if there is damage the operation of equipment could result in total production bottlenecks.

Maintenance Prefentive alternative is:
  • By time, by conducting regular maintenance during the period, such as engine oil changes every 3 months.
  • Based on the work, namely the maintenance after several hours of operation or volume of production, for example, after the car is running 2,000 km, or machine work for 500 hours.
  • Based on occasion, namely the maintenance carried out when there is occasion for it, for example at work breaks, or holidays. 
  • Planned based on the conditions, which depend on the results of condition monitoring of production facilities, such as replacement of the brake when the car has reached a certain thickness.

Maintenance is very precise Prefentive done, because its usefulness is very effective in dealing with production facilities are included in the critical unit, the equipment or facilities that endanger the health and safety, affecting the products, can cause congestion throughout the production process, and if the invested capital for this facility rebih relatively expensive.

2. Corrective Maintenance 
Also known as break down maintenance, namely maintenance and care activities carried out once damage has occurred, failure, or abnormal production facilities that can not function properly.

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