Product Positioning

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In the process always starts positioning product positioning. This opinion was expressed by Regis Mc Kenna (1985: 37), which also suggests the definition of product positioning  as follows: "The positioning process Should begin with the products themselves. To gain a strong product positioning, a company must differentiate its product from all other products on the market. The goal is to give theproduct a unique position in the market place. " From the above definition implies that the positioning process should begin with the product itself.

To achieve a stronger product positioning a company needs to differentiate in a lot of factors: technology, price, quality, distribution channel or target audience. The formulation proposed positioning Kenna (1985:37) describes as the company will perform product positioning need to consider the 4 (four) major key terms, referred to as The Golden Rules of Product. As for his description as follows:

1. Companies need mengkutitrend and market dynamics, such as technology trends, competition, social, and economic.

2. Companies should focus on positioning technology and quality.

3. Companies should target their products to specific market segments such as segments of society at the top, middle or bottom. It is better to be big fish in small pond than a small fish in big pond (it's better to big fish in a little pond,).

4. Companies must be willing to experiment with new types of products, then pay attention to market reactions. If the user suggests a change then the company should adjust its strategy.

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